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R.L. Marstellar

writer  |  storyteller


R.L. MARSTELLAR is a writer and storyteller and has been for most of her life. Her career path is a circuitous one defined by detours: Structural engineer—marketing specialist—finance manager—general contractor—personal chef—entrepreneur. She studied engineering at Carnegie Mellon University because she listened to the people who said she was good at math. She then went on to collect an M.S. in building construction from the University of Florida and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. She doesn’t do anything with those fancy degrees today except use them as fodder for her bio.


Writing is the one endeavor she has faithfully pursued. Her work has appeared in Under the Gum Tree, Evening Street Review, Midway Journal, and Bacopa Literary Review and garnered their 2018 prize for creative nonfiction. 


She lives in Chicago.



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